Former Neustar Executive Joins DotGreen

Tim Switzer, former Vice President of Registry Services at Neustar, accepted the role of Chief Operating Officer/CFO at DotGreen Community, Inc., the company applying for the .green Top-Level Domain (TLD).

“Tim Switzer has the vision and expertise needed to grow DotGreen from an innovative startup into the effective registry it is poised to become.” said Annalisa Roger, President and CEO of DotGreen. “Switzer is a valuable addition and a great fit for our team. He understands the importance of DotGreen’s purpose, and the value it will bring to the Internet namespace with the new .green Top Level Domain.”

“I am excited to be joining the DotGreen Team,” said Switzer. “I look forward to using my experience at Neustar and in the domain name industry to help transform the .green TLD into an international and inclusive brand that truly stands for worldwide sustainability and corporate social responsibility, now and in the future.”

DotGreen is one of numerous companies applying to operate a new Top-Level Domain, addressing the opportunity for the Internet to expand in ways beneficial to communities and the public at large. The new program is offered by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and newly delegated TLDs are expected to be available in 2013. The application period is January through April of 2012, and all strings applied for will be published in May.

here the press release


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